"The more I travelled on my own I realised that for the most part the world is full of good people"

An intelligent, independent successful woman used to solo travel decided on a business trip to take a hike.

Something that Winnie had done many times before. It was the middle of the afternoon. She was prepared.  Later she would ask so many questions... What if I'd left 5 minutes earlier? What if it had rained? What if I had decided not to go at all. You only ask yourself these questions when something goes wrong. That day Winnie's paths crossed with a violent teenager and from that moment her life would never be the same again. 

Being a rape survivor. Winnie had to rebuild her life. She is now an advocate for survivors of sexual assault, and has written an award-winning novel based on her experience, even writing an imagined history of her attacker. This is Winnie... This Is Strong. 

"Every victim always thinks 'what could I have done to avoid that?' and that can very quickly slide into 'it was my fault' or 'I was somehow responsible' "
Listen to my chat with Winnie here:
Buy "Dark Chapter" here: https://www.bookdepository.com/Dark-Chapter-Hard-hitting-crime-fiction-based-on-true-story-Winnie-M-Li/9781785079061
Winnie runs Clear Lines, an organisation which addresses sexual violence through the arts and discussion:


Visit Winnie's Website here: winniemli.com
More info on Winnie can be found here: 

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