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"Then it hit me... If they got sick, they definitely caught it from me"

Nia's role at the hospital focuses on keeping her area running smoothly on a day to day basis. Then we learnt that a virus was coming.


Suddenly everything changed. How do you manage a hospital department in the face of such uncertainty? How can you prepare?

Whilst many of us stayed home and managed our life from our houses, homeschooling and working. Nia had to keep going into the hospital. Working tirelessly to ensure as many people as possible could be treated safely. 


Nia had to face enormous uncertainty at work, and then she had to worry about bringing the virus home. This is Nia. This is Strong. 

"My heart breaks for some of my colleagues at work cos I know what they have had to witness and endure"
Listen to my chat with Nia here:
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