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"If you saw a child drowning in a

river, would you walk past or

dive in? It's a no brainer."

If you saw a person or animal in distress, how far would you go to help?


Liz has dedicated her life to helping Rhinos who are only 10 years away from extinction. 

She is a naturally caring person - so when she hears of a desperate family who she hardly knows who are trying to find a kidney match for their very ill daughter. Liz offers to go for the test. 

It's a miracle - she's a match.

Would you have the courage to face major surgery to help someone else?

Liz does. 

Listen to Liz tell her story here:

"If I had another kidney to give, I'd probably give that"

Liz works for the charity Helping Rhinos. Find out more about them here
Find out about the people Liz works with here
Find out about the work Helping Rhinos do here
Find out about the Living Organ Donor scheme here
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