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"Everyone has a choice - Find your voice and raise it up!"

Following the death of her mother from ovarian cancer Karen decided something had to be done.


She set up a support group in Australia and her path in cancer research and support had begun. 


Then suddenly tragedy struck again, this time it was her husband and farther to her two children. He had months to live.


But Karen still didn't give up her fight. 


She works tirelessly in cancer research to this day and is now looking towards prevention. She has a wealth of knowledge of female cancers and even some tips on prevention. 


Its people like Karen that make us all a bit safer in this ongoing battle. 

"We have to be more in touch with our bodies - and give ourselves some nurturing... and keep knocking down doors until you get some answers"
Listen to Karen tell her story here:
For more information about nutritional genomics go to: Social @thewellactivist
To learn more about ground breaking gynaecological cancer research including donation go to: @WomenCanFundraising
Information about cancer research fundraising in Australia visit
Information about cancer research  in Australia visit
Find out more about Glutathione here
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