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"I need to do what we were always going to do."

Emma is a doer. She has lived a full life, full of love, family, children, travel and business success. She is well known and well loved in her community for bringing people together and supporting those less fortunate. She set up iconic businesses in Bedford (The Kiosk and The Pavilion)  that became community hubs and brought life to buildings that had stood empty and unloved for years. She brings energy and enthusiasm to everything she does.  She managed to do all this despite the fact that not long after arriving in Bedford, her husband was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer. He struggled with the disease for 9 years. It is now just over a year since he died. 

Emma has been forced to reevaluate her life. Refocus her future and try to find a way forward through her grief. 

She was incredibly brave to sit and talk with me - when obviously she never wanted to have this conversation with anyone. 

"Life goes on for everybody else and every day is just another day, but for you every day is hard, every day is hard."
Listen to Emma tell her story here:
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