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Everyone processes things differently, I'm lucky I have a strong network around me.

At the age of just 30 Chandra's doctor told her she had MS, and her life would never be the same.

Living with a progressive disease has tested Chandra's resilience. She lives with never knowing fully what is coming next. 

Five years on she explains how she is coping and what she does to keep herself positive. 

One day she was walking and saw her reflection in a shop window and she didn't like what she saw. A line of poetry popped in her head about her MS. She went home and wrote a poem. Told very few people about it. During lockdown she found the time to put that poem to images and shared it online. Her secret was out and she was finally ready to talk publicly about her illness.

"I was at a point where someone would notice my limp and ask me and I would just lie."
Listen to my chat with Chandra here:
See Chandra's poem video here:
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