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"I believe we have a choice in life, be a victim or turn it to a positive and do something with your life"

What would you do if your world suddenly crumbled and you had to start again?


After finding the courage to confront her traumatic past Cat set out to rebuild her future, only for tragedy to strike again. In the most heartbreaking of circumstances Cat was thrust into a new life with new responsibilities and had no choice but to grow up quickly . Using grit determination and her never failing positivity Cat not only found light in the darkness, but she used that light to help show other people the way. Cat now works in safeguarding children in her local community and is an assistant principle at a large Senior School where she is head of mental health and well being. 


This is a truly inspiring story from a truly amazing woman.

"My choice is to live how I want to live... not in his shadow"

Listen to Cat tell her story here:
What needs should be met to ensure you develop resilience:
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