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"I believe in the strength of love... and we have so much to give."

Caroline cares for her elderly mother full time. Her mother is now 85% blind and on various medications. Caroline is on-call nearly 24/7. It's a truly difficult task, but Caroline manages to do it with enormous positivity. Not out of any sense of duty but because she wants to. 

She credits her husband and his amazing support, but she also credits love. The power that love can bring and how you can derive strength through it.


Despite her own health struggles Caroline is determined that her mother will never be cared for by strangers. 


This chat gave me chills and I'm sure you will feel the same. 

"I'm not afraid of death. As long as you live every day to the best what have you got to fear?"
Listen to Caroline tell her story here:
Further information and Links and some home snaps of Caroline's mother:
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