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As a portrait and family photographer my business is all about finding a connection with people in a short space of time. People tend to open up to me and I am lucky enough to hear their stories.


Often the most impressive stories, the stories that make me go “wow”, are the stories that rarely see the spotlight. There are no awards, no glory, no rounds of applause. These are stories of people showing enormous quiet strength, a resilience; working through something and surviving. Coming out the other side of an event or experience stronger and most often supporting loved ones, extended family, communities and even strangers along the way. 

These are the type of people I most admire. The role models for a future generation. Those with quiet strength, moving forward without a fuss whose achievements are great, but often under-valued.

This Is Strong was created to not only highlight these people but to also remind you of your own strength.

Nicky Vincent

Listen to when I got interviewed about my life and
why I started This Is Strong here:
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