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Stories of quiet resilience and power to inspire and remind you of your own inner strength

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In March 2020 the UK went into full lockdown as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak. Everyone's life was changed overnight. For Nia things had changed too, but she had to keep going to work as part of the senior operations team at the hospital. Nia worked tirelessly to keep her area of the hospital running smoothly in the face of enormous adversity. What was it like going to the front line whilst leaving your family at home?

When Winnie went hiking outside Belfast she had no idea that her life was about to be changed for ever. Following a brutal attack Winnie had to, not only navigate the criminal justice system, but also rebuild her own life. 12 years on and she has written a book based on her experience and now works as an activist, reframing the way society thinks about sexual assault.

Do you even know how strong you are?


 Whilst dedicating her life to saving Rhinos that are only 10 years away from extinction, Liz finds out a young girl from a family she hardly knows needs a kidney, without hesitation Liz offers hers. 


Five years ago Chandra was diagnosed with MS. For a long time she kept her diagnosis to herself. Telling only her nearest and dearest. Then one day she caught her reflection in a shop window. She didn't like what she saw. It sparked a moment of creativity, a poem about her disease. After much contemplation she decided to share her poem online. Now she feels its time to tell the world what living with a progressive illness is really like.


Following a terrible mistake during a routine operation Jacq found herself going through a string of surgeries with catastrophic results. She now works as a patient advocate to educate industry and medical professionals to avoid others going through similar trauma.


Emma's story is full of love, family and success. All great until the love of her life was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Through living with his treatment and his passing, Emma has had to be strong for her children and learn how to navigate her own grief. She shares her story of how she has coped with the year following his death.

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Recorded whilst she was in Sydney on a working holiday India discusses what it was like living with her father's long term illness and subsequent death when she was at university. How does a young woman cope with her father's early death and where does she find her strength to move on with her own life?


Following a turbulent childhood and a growing drug and alcohol dependence Leanne finally found salvation in the gym. She is now a qualified personal trainer has a wealth of knowledge about the benefits of weight training and is helping others reach their goals.


Raising money through her marathon running whilst raising 3 children. Currently training for her 20th London Marathon and inspiring others daily.


Currently working in a large senior school  in a role dedicated to supporting students and teachers with their mental health and wellbeing. Brings amazing strength and positivity despite her own turbulent life. 


I've known Tanya for many years and I have always admired her strength. She has managed to carve out  a successful career in a very difficult industry. Just over a year ago she decided to run the London Marathon to raise money for Alzheimer's Disease having never run before. This year she is doing it again. We catch up to talk running, how she's staying sane in lockdown and how positivity is now her driving force.


Mothering, working and dealing with multiple early stage miscarriage. Now supporting others and raising awareness.


Completing extraordinary physical challenges for charity while running a small business and supporting her community


Having suffered the loss of her mother from Ovarian cancer Karen founded support group Ovarian Cancer Australia. Then came more devastating news for her and her children. What do you do when tragedy strikes? Run away or stay and fight?


Being born with profound sight and hearing impairment has never stopped Alexandra doing what she has wanted. From travelling the world to professional athlete... to doctor. Her disabilities have never stopped her and now they are only making her stronger.


Caroline is caring for her elderly mother who is now over 85% blind. She needs care 24/7 yet Caroline manages to do this difficult task with positivity and enormous resilience. How does she manage? With the power of love. That's how. A truly uplifting story.

Mary found herself trapped in an abusive marriage at a young age with a man who was severely mentally ill. Being extremely religious meant she took her marriage vows very seriously. In sickness and in health - but this was way beyond a minor sickness. Mary is Cat's mum from This Is Cat. It wasn't until Cat spoke out in her 30's that Mary's husband was finally brought to justice.

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